Thursday, August 19, 2010


I love photography but never really got the chance to get into it. I'm pretty much in love with everything artsy-craftsy and want to add it onto my ever growing hobby list. Speaking of that list... I should probably add these hobbies to my life list... Anyways, back to my original point. It's 12:37am on a Friday and I had some inspiration. With my crappy loyal pink camera (Note to Readers: I. Hate. Pink.) I plan to document 365 days of my life... in photos. I was inspired by an article Yahoo posted on a designer making 365 dresses in a year... for $1. I can't sew. For that matter I don't take good pictures. But maybe I can learn...

September 1st sounds like a good starting date. I don't know if I'll be able to make this consistent but I can try. If I choose to edit these pictures I will do so using Picnik.

Along side this project (Offical Name: Project365)--Creative, ;D I know, I will continue blogging about everything else going on in my life (Pre-Med, Knitting, College Life, etc.)

I just had an idea. In order to not overload my blog with a post daily of Project365 I'll make a weekly update for you all.


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  1. Hello Peacock Feathers, I got your blog-link from the "Teen Bloggers" group on Ravelry. I must say, I have always been tempted to do a Picture-blog-journal-thingy. And, funny enough, I also have a pink camera. Curse you Target for only having the color I most loath!!!

    I enjoy reading your blog. :) Look forward to seeing your pics!

    -Carolyn Michelle
    (Aka, CreativeCooby)