Sunday, August 1, 2010


It is officially August! My favorite season is Autumn, even the name is pretty, and it always seems as though August is the beginning of Autumn for me. In hopes to ward of the slight chills that will accompany the evenings from now on I begin a new wrap of sorts. It is called 'Summer Flies' and is a pattern by a designer on Ravelry. It is my first attempt at knitting lace and I must say it is going rather well. I will not post pictures until I am done as they will not justify its beauty, if I may be so modest...

I also love August as I will be starting college at the end of this month! The 28th to be exact. I have been counting down since May and it is almost here! I cannot wait to begin this new chapter in my life. I will definitely be updating this blog with the wonders of my college life. I may even have to rename this blog:

xPeacock Feathersx --> The Musings of a Pre-Med Student

I actually rather like that title. You may see a switch coming to a blog near you. :D


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