Tuesday, August 17, 2010

T-11 Days

There are officially 11 days until I begin college. I have finally decided to start packing my wardrobe away. It is an odd feeling, seeing my room emptying out and having my entire life stacked into small boxes. Evaluating what to keep and what to leave behind...

On a completely separate note: I officially finished one skein of the peacock yarn and the 1st section of the BPB (Big Peacock Bag) is almost complete. Should be finished today even! I had to go to Hobby Lobby yesterday to buy another skein, I hope this one will take me through the end.

Speaking of leaving my house (to go to HL)... There is SO much road construction going on outside my subdivision! They've blocked one roadway which caused it to take me 20 more minutes to get to a place that was only 5 minutes away. I. Hate. Road. Construction. (Who doesn't though?) -- Well, I guess in a way the road constructors... because it gives them a job, But even they must get irritated sometimes. This is Michigan though, we only have two seasons... Winter, and Road Construction :)


PS- As mentioned in one of my earlier posts I really liked the idea of changing my title to "The Musings of a Pre-Med Student." It is official now. Just an update (:

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